… So,

  • Garrett and Violet are now dead, so thank god for that (I am not condemning violence, just condemning the absence of those wanting to harm my wolfpack babies)
  • Meredith is dead, which is super sad because I was hoping she’d be a teacher, or at least guide for Lydia.
  • There were a lot of Stydia moments (aaaahhhh, stydia *sighs*)
  • The third cypher keyword was Derek (I knew it was coming but it still hurt like a sharp knife through my abdomen)
  • Derek found Braeden (and now they can get it on, hello derek/jennifer parallels)
  • Malia is just badass … and that’s all I have to say about that.
  • No Kira, though her absence was missed but explained, to a degree.
  • Jordan Parrish is an angel from heaven and a total boss and I love him and I want him in the pack and calling shots and just being awesome, RIGHT NOW!
  • Oh, and what I thought made this episode totally awesome; SCOTT AND LIAM’S ALPHA/BETA RELATIONSHIP!! Liam being totally awesome with Scott as they broke into Garrett’s locker, then Liam finding his strength and howling for Scott, and then Scott hearing and rescuing him (tears of happiness rained down from my eyes and I was happy)

Also, my theory that the benefactor is Papa McCall still stands.



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I wanted to end the world but I’ll settle for ending yours.


Elementary show posters. I hope to be making more soon.

The Ashes’ Flames


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We will work this out. I know we will.

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Characters of Sherlock Holmes: “Not-your-housekeeper” Mrs./Martha/Ms. Hudson


Elementary + Names (companion piece to these x & x